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Colson Trans-forma HD Wheel Flat Grey Tread with capacity to 900 pounds

If you are looking for a lower-cost replacement for polyurethane… look no further. This engineering miracle is non-marking and offers good ergonomic performance. Plus, it does not break down in water or steam, and it does not squeak like polyurethane wheels. Since it is made in the USA, like our other Trans-forma wheels, the lead times are much better than competitive wheels. The multi-purpose design is well suited for a variety of applications including (but not limited to): food processing, poultry processing, dairy carts, laundry carts, and in plant mobility equipment.

Temperature Range: -45ºF to +180ºF

Hardness: 40(±5) Durometer Shore D scale


Please note: Not all possible wheel configurations may be modeled. If the catalog option you are looking for is not modeled, please contact us for engineering assistance.

Colson Trans-forma LT Wheel Flat Grey Tread with capacity to 900 poundsFlat OR ROUND Grey TREAD

Capacity to 900 pounds each

Flat tread available in  4″, 5″, and 6″ diameters. Round tread available in 6″ diameter. All feature 2″ tread width. Select “Flat Grey Tread” or “Round Grey Tread” in configurator.

Bearing Note: Pedestal Precision Ball Bearing also available in stainless steel (consult factory for details).

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