Moldon Polyurethane Aluminum
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Colson Moldon Polyurethane on Aluminum Core wheel with capacity to 1500 pounds

Light-weight and ultra-durable, this wheel has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and is capable of long service under heavy loads. Maroon color polyurethane is permanently bonded to the aluminum core.

Temperature Range: -45ºF to +180ºF

Hardness: 95(±5) Durometer Shore A scale

Finish: Aluminum


Please note: Not all possible wheel configurations may be modeled. If the catalog option you are looking for is not modeled, please contact us for engineering assistance.

Bearing Options

  • Delrin Bearing (less bushing): Specify WB01B
  • 1-piece Delrin Bearing with bushing (2″ tread width): Specify WB11
  • 1-piece Delrin Bearing less bushing (2″ tread width): Specify WB11B
  • Metal cage roller bearing: Specify WB29
  • Torrington-style with Hytrel retainer (2″ tread width): Specify WB19
  • Roller Bearing (less bushing): Specify WB09B
  • Roller Bearing metal thrust and retainer washers: Specify WSR1
  • Roller Bearing sintered iron step washers: Specify WSR2
  • Roller Bearing sealed metal retainer washer: Specify WSR3
  • Pedestal Precision Ball Bearing: Change ninth digit in model number to “5” (Example: 5.00006.935)
    • Also available in Stainless Steel. Consult factory for details

Additional Options

Thread guards are available on 5″, 6″ and 8″ models.

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