Encore Polyolefin
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Colson Encore Polyolefin Wheel with capacity to 900 pounds

Polyolefin wheels are designed for hard impacts and heavy loads. This wheel is light in weight but offers impact strength far superior to hard rubber wheels. It also provides superior resistance to most oils, chemicals, grease, gasoline, cooking fats and acids. This wheel is stain resistant, non-marking and does not absorb water.

Temperature Range: -45ºF to +180ºF

Hardness: 75(±5) Durometer Shore D scale

Bearing Options

  • Pedestal Precision Ball Bearing: Change tenth digit in model number to “5” (Example: E5.00004.835)
  • 2-piece Delrin Bearing with bushing: Change tenth digit in model number to “1” (Example: E5.00004.831)
  • Less Bearing: Change tenth digit in model number to “6” (Example: E5.00004.836)