4 Series Stainless Steel Casters
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Colson 4 Series Stainless Steel Swivel Top Plate Caster
  • Polished stainless steel (Grade 304)
  • 1/2″ stainless steel hollow axle with grease zerk, nut and lock washer
  • 1/4″ stainless steel top plate for durability
  • Permanent rivet kingpin with 5/8″ diameter rivet
  • Grease fittings: wheel bearing and swivel raceway
  • “Colson 45” multi-temp grease lubricates in extreme hot and cold temperatures


Please note: Not all possible caster configurations may be modeled. If the catalog option you are looking for is not modeled, please contact us for engineering assistance.


Colson Performa Wheel Flat Grey Tread with Capacity to 675 poundsPerforma wheels offer the advantages of both hard and soft tread materials in a single wheel. Like a hard tread wheel, Performa rolls easily and is very durable. Like a soft tread wheel, it rolls quietly, protects floors and resists impacts with a cushion ride. It also features maximum weather-ability, low temperature flexibility, resistance to chemicals, water and steam, and rejects floor debris such as metal shavings. Non-marking thermoplastic elastomer tread is permanently bonded to a ribbed polyolefin wheel core.

PERforma Conductive

Colson Performa Conductive Wheel Flat Grey Tread with capacity to 500 poundsPerforma Conductive wheels combine a soft cushion ride with a non-marking tread design. All wheels feature a cushion grey Performa tread bonded to a black Polyolefin wheel core. Performa Conductive wheels have been rigorously tested and approved by an independent lab and meet the requirements of federal specification FF-C-88C. This specification requires an average electrical resistance of less than 250,000 ohms.


Colson Polyolefin Wheel with capacity to 900 poundsDesigned for hard impacts and heavy loads, this wheel is injection molded from an exclusive Colson polyolefin compound. The unique ribbed design adds strength. Very light in weight, yet the impact strength of this wheel is far superior to hard rubber wheels. It offers superior resistance to most oils, chemicals, grease, gasoline, cooking fats and acids. In addition, the wheel is stain resistant, non-marking and provides zero water absorption.


Colson Trans-forma Wheel Flat Grey Tread with capacity to 600 poundsThis quiet rolling, non-marking marvel rejects floor debris while providing a shock absorbing, cushion ride that helps protect your valuable cargo. It’s the perfect lower cost replacement for more expensive TPE and TPR wheels. The Trans-forma wheel is manufactured using co-injection molding on our state of the art equipment that chemically bonds the TPE material to a sturdy polyolefin core. The multi-purpose design is well suited for a variety of applications including (but not limited to): laundry carts, medical equipment, electronic equipment, material handling carts and nursery carts.

trans-forma hd

Colson Trans-forma HD Wheel Flat Grey Tread with capacity to 900 poundsIf you are looking for a lower-cost replacement for polyurethane… look no further. This engineering miracle is non-marking and offers good ergonomic performance. Plus, it does not break down in water/steam, and it does not squeak like polyurethane wheels. Since it is made in the USA, like our other Trans-forma wheels, the lead times are much better than competitive wheels. The multi-purpose design is well suited for a variety of applications including (but not limited to): food processing, poultry processing, dairy carts, laundry carts, and in plant mobility equipment.

trans-forma lt

Colson Trans-forma LT Wheel Flat Black Tread with capacity to 500 poundsMade with Grade 5 recyclable material to help protect our environment, this is the perfect lower cost replacement for moldon rubber or TPR wheels. The LT wheel is manufactured using co-injection molding on our state of the art equipment that chemically bonds the TPE material to a sturdy polyolefin core. The multi-purpose design is well suited for a variety of applications including (but not limited to): dumpster/trash bins, lumber carts and flower carts.

Polyurethane HI-TECH

Moldon Polyurethane HI-TECH WheelPolyurethane tread is bonded to a polyolefin core. Tread is molded in, around and through a ribbed extension of the core to prevent debonding. Standard colors are maroon tread on grey core. This is a very attractive, all purpose wheel. Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, water and acids.


Colson Phenolic wheel with capacity up to 3500 poundsPhenolic resin wheels are filled with macerated fabric. This wheel provides quieter operation than steel or aluminum, provides superior floor protection, and resists hard impacts, most chemicals and steam. The standard color is black.


Colson Thermo wheel with capacities to 1100 poundsThermo wheels feature a standard operating temperature range from -70°F (continuous service) to +525°F (intermittent service, +480°F continuous service). These wheels are molded from an exclusive engineered resin compound that offers non-marking floor protection, near zero water absorption, high load capacities and long service life. A special manufacturing process enables the wheels to retain a consistent bearing bore even when exposed to elevated temperatures. Furthermore, Thermo wheels are 100% recyclable, and they are highly resistant to animal fats, vegetable oils and salt solutions. The life expectancy of Thermo wheels is three times longer than high-temp phenolic wheels, and they offer an equal load capacity. Unlike high-temp phenolic wheels, Colson Thermo wheels have no outer skin that can break and absorb water or other fluids.


Colson Maxim thermoplastic wheel with capacity up to 1400 poundsColson Maxim Wheels feature an exclusive, ultra-tough thermoplastic compound that resists hard impacts and drop-shocks. The wheel is impervious to most chemicals, solvents, salts, gases, alkalines and steam cleaning and does not absorb water. When compared to other hard tread wheels, Maxim wheels require less force to roll and swivel. It is ideal for many industrial and institutional applications and is NSF listed for the food service industry. The wheel is non-marking.


Colson Endura Solid Elastomer wheel with capacities up to 1200 poundsColson’s exclusive solid elastomer compound delivers greater durability than conventional metal, rubber, plastic, polyurethane and phenolic wheels. Even in continuous operation, these wheels produce extremely low heat build-up making them perfect for tow-line applications (precision ball bearings required). Endura wheels resist most chemicals, oils, greases, petroleum products and solvents. In addition, Endura non-marking wheels offer excellent resistance to chipping, cracking and flat-spotting. Superior impact strength and abrasion resistance further enhance durability.

Brake Options

Colson Encore 4 Series Stainless Steel Swivel Top Plate Caster with Tech Lock BrakeTech Lock – Constructed of durable, light-weight engineered thermoplastics, this brake is ideally suited for wet or corrosive conditions. The simple toe operation holds heavy loads securely. With an advanced brake pad design, the brake is compatible with a variety of wheel types. The Tech Lock brake provides virtually maintenance-free operation with only two moving parts. The temperature range is -30ºF to +250ºF. Available on all swivel casters, along with 6″ rigid casters (see below).

Colson 4 Series Rigid Top Plate Caster with Tech Lock BrakeA 6″ Rigid Tech Lock Model is available: Specially engineered for rigid caster models only, the contemporary design features thermoplastic construction to resist rust and corrosion. A grip ridge for the mechanical lock fastens the Tech Lock brake to the fork.

Colson 4 Series Stainless Steel Swivel Top Plate Caster with Side Lock BrakeSide Lock – Colson’s 4 Series Side Lock brake design places a positive locking force against the wheel hub to hold loads securely. The larger foot pedal makes the brake easier to operate, provides better foot placement, and can be actuated from either end of the pedal for greater convenience. Available on all swivel casters with one-piece Delrin bearing or roller bearing only. 

Colson 4 Series Stainless Steel Swivel Top Plate Caster with Top Lock BrakeTop Lock – Constructed of polished stainless steel, Colson’s 3-piece 4 Series Stainless Steel Top Lock brake provides positive, reliable braking under a variety of harsh operating conditions. Available on all swivel models.

Fork and Wheel Options

Colson 4 Series Stainless Steel Swivel Top Plate Caster with Foot-Activated Swivel LockFoot Activated Swivel LockNo more back strain from bending down to activate a swivel lock. When the foot pedal is in the “up” position, a stainless steel spring forces a pin into one of the four slots on the swivel fork. This effectively locks the swivel in one of four positions at 90° intervals. To disengage the lock, simply press down on the foot pedal for free swiveling action. It’s that easy! With this innovative product, you can quickly and easily convert swivel casters to rigid casters for straight-line tracking. When you need greater maneuverability, you can quickly convert from the rigid position back to full swivel. Quick. Easy. Less stress and strain. Available on all swivel casters with standard top plate.

NSF Listed for Food Service Industry – All models except swivel lock, thread guards, forged steel and cast iron core wheels

DirtBan Swivel Seal – Not available on swivel lock models

Thread Guards – Available on many models, in metal and plastic variations

Bearing Options

Bearing Options
Standard bearings are roller bearings. Optional bearings are available:

Roller Bearing – Stainless steel cage roller bearing (WB29)
Roller Bearing – Stainless steel thrust and retainer washer (WSR1)
Delrin Bearing – For standard two-piece bearing, change ninth digit to “1” (Example: 4.06109.921)
Delrin Bearing – One piece with steel thrust washers (WB11)
Pedestal Precision Ball Bearing – Change ninth digit to “5” (Example: 4.06109.925 SS) Available in stainless steel; consult factory
Bronze – Change ninth digit to “4” (Example: 4.06109.534)

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