1 Series Grip Ring Stem Casters
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Colson 1 Series Grip Ring Stem Caster
  • Colson 1 Series Grip Ring Stem Caster with Side Lock Brake
  • Colson 1 Series Grip Ring Stem Caster with Plastic Adapter
  • Colson 1 Series Grip Ring Stem Caster
  • Colson 1 Series Grip Ring Stem Caster with Side Lock Brake
  • Zinc-plated finish is attractive and durable
  • Full double call hardened raceways for better performance and greater durability
  • 5/16″ shouldered axle with 1/4″ nut
  • “Colson 45” multi-temp grease lubricates in extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Spring grip on top of stem holds caster firmly in place
  • Standard Stem is 7/16″ diameter by 1-29/32″ long, with grip ring.


Please note: Not all possible caster configurations may be modeled. If the catalog option you are looking for is not modeled, please contact us for engineering assistance.


Colson Performa Wheel Flat Grey Tread with Capacity to 325 poundsPerforma wheels offer the advantages of both hard and soft tread materials in a single wheel. Like a hard tread wheel, Performa rolls easily and is very durable. Like a soft tread wheel, it rolls quietly, protects floors and resists impacts with a cushion ride. It also features maximum weather-ability, low temperature flexibility, resistance to chemicals, water and steam, and rejects floor debris such as metal shavings. Non-marking thermoplastic elastomer tread is permanently bonded to a ribbed polyolefin wheel core.


Colson Polyolefin Wheel with capacity to 300 poundsDesigned for hard impacts and heavy loads, this wheel is injection molded from an exclusive Colson polyolefin compound. The unique ribbed design adds strength. Very light in weight, yet the impact strength of this wheel is far superior to hard rubber wheels. It offers superior resistance to most oils, chemicals, grease, gasoline, cooking fats and acids. In addition, the wheel is stain resistant, non-marking and provides zero water absorption.

Polyurethane HI-TECH

Moldon Polyurethane HI-TECH Wheel with capacity to 300 poundsPolyurethane tread is bonded to a polyolefin core. Tread is molded in, around and through a ribbed extension of the core to prevent debonding. Standard colors are maroon tread on grey core. This is a very attractive, all purpose wheel. Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, water and acids.

Cushion and Hard Rubber

Colson Cushion and Hard Rubber Wheel with capacity to 100 poundsCushion and Hard rubber wheels are conventional-style rubber wheels, which provide good floor protection and quiet operation. They support capacities up to 100 pounds each.

Fork Options

NSF Listed for Food Service Industry – All models except thread guards

Wheel Options

Thread Guards available on all 3″ models. Brake & NSF options cannot be used with thread guards.

Brake Options

Colson 1 Series Grip Ring Stem Caster with Side Lock BrakeSide Lock Brake – The ends of the brake spring are crimped so they grab the wheel at four contact points, which provides extra holding power on a variety of wheel surfaces. This side locking brake is easily operated with foot action. 1 Series brakes cannot be used with thread guards. Available on 3″, 4″ and 5″ models.

Mounting Options

Standard: 7/16″ x 1-29/32″ long, with grip ring
MTG1: 3/8″ x 1-9/16″ long
MTG2: 7/16″ x 1-9/16″ long
MTG50: 7/16″ x 1″ long
MTG51: 7/16″ x 1-29/32″ long, less grip ring
MTG57: 1/2″ x 4-1/2″ (ladder caster stem)

Plastic Adapters

Plastic Adapters snap in place to reduce distortion and damage to furniture and equipment tubing. They are non-conductive.

MTG53: Fits 7/8″ x 18 gauge wall round tubing or any I.D. from 3/4″ to 51/64″

MTG54: Fits 1″ x 14 gauge wall round tubing or any I.D. from 53/64″ to 55/64″

MTG56: Fits 1″ x 16 gauge wall round tubing or any I.D. from 57/64″ to 29/32″

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